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released March 18, 2012




KHMER ROUGE Copenhagen, Denmark

Khmer Rouge is a silent conspiracy. We are an autonomous sonic corporation based in Denmark but at the forefront of an occult International. Our primary export is experimental songwriting in the digital domain. No ideology, no love songs, just noise, beauty, beats and critical thought. ... more

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Track Name: Streets keep quiet
If you hear this, it's not all right. The streets keep quiet. The shades get drawn. All good folks keep their eyes shut, and your tired lungs scream to no one.
Track Name: Stay for the fight
Say you'll stay here for the fight (How long? How long?). We can't win but we can make them hurt.
Track Name: Radio Miracle
I won't tell the truth, but I won't lie. It'll be somewhere in between. I want to break something, break it down. And turn it into something new. I want to break you, break you down. And turn you into something new.

It's a radio miracle in someone else's bedroom, in someone else's car.
Track Name: Stop
Stop. I said stop. Can you hear me? Stop. Why won't you stop? Are you listening? Stop. I can't stop. I can't hear you. Stop. Don't make me stop. You brought this on yourself.
Track Name: Run from the cops
You've done something wrong and now you'll answer for it tonight, while you're still alive. I'll just bite my nails, spreading broken glass on the floor so I can't reach the door. All the bars have emptied and the cops are breaking down doors, and they've got your number.

They've seen you after hours, crawling through the flowers, and they always get their way.

You say you've forgotten, I remember everything: don't think it's gone. The shredded dress, the ambulance, the red flashing lights: such a quiet block. I wasn't there in time but now I'm coming after you, and I'm out for blood.

Because I've been climbing towers and chewing through the flowers, and I only want you.
Track Name: All night
They're saying boil the water. I'm staying up all night. People are disappearing. I'm staying up all night.

Keep you locked in the basement, nail the windows shut; hold tight. Everything will be all right. I'm staying up all night.
Track Name: Fit for a man
Kept the stone in my hand. Thought back to where it began. I had the chance to change. I had the chance.

I could have found you wherever you were. I let them hunt you, put my face to the earth. Buried your body in scalding sand. I took the hit that was fit for a man.

Love in the daytime and murder at night.
Track Name: The last time you felt safe
Slept in our clothes and woke up late. And on my tongue I still have your taste. But it's a little too late. It's a little too late.

It was the last time that you felt safe, and I know I couldn't fill that space. And it's far too late. It's far too late.